American Association of Birth Centers

AABC Webinar Series: Facebook for Birth Centers

The largest study of midwifery-led care in birth centers will be published at the end of January.

FacebookARE YOU READY to promote it and your birth center on Facebook?

Join us for a webinar series to learn how to effectively use Facebook for your practice and promote this landmark study at the same time.
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Big Thanks to all of our panelists! Jenny Fardink and Christy Peterson, Melissa Youssi, Jennifer Stevens, Jennie Joseph, and Rosanne Gephart.


These videos are here for you to download and play at your leisure until March 1. After March 1, they will be available in our members only area. They will not play in your browser. You must download to play. Just click the link.

Tree of Life MidwivesTree of Life Midwives Tackle Facebook

Midwives Jenny Fardink, CPM & Christy Peterson, CNM applied what they learned at AABC's Birth Institute about Facebook. Hear their stories of success, surprise, and community-building.

Special Beginnings Birth & Women's CenterSpecial Beginnings Birth Center Gets Strategic with Facebook

Melissa Youssi, RN implements strategy every day on their birth center's Facebook page. Learn what drives their community and their success.

Reading Birth and Women's CenterThe Voice of Reading Birth Center on Facebook

Midwife Jenn Stevens, CNM is the voice of Reading Birth & Women's Center and an educator. Find out where she gets her Facebook content.

Team at Commonsense Childbirth Inc.Jennie Joseph with 2000+ Facebook Likers

Find out how Midwife Jennie Joseph, LM, CPM, manages over 2000 fans on Commonsense Childbirth Inc. - THE BIRTH PLACE' s Facebook page.

Women's Health & Birth CenterWomens Health & Birth Center Rides the Facebook Wave

Find out how Midwife Rosanne Gephart, CNM handles thousands of emails that come through the.