What is the AABC Perinatal Data Registry (PDR)™?

The AABC Perinatal Data Registry (PDR), (formerly Uniform Data Set (UDS)) is an online data registry for ongoing collection of perinatal data in all settings and by all providers. This data registry, developed by AABC over the past thirteen years, is designed to collect comprehensive data on both the process and outcomes of the midwifery model of care. The large prospective data set generated from the registry can make an important contribution to our ability to evaluate and improve the delivery of care to childbearing women and families. Not only will users of the PDR be contributing to important research for midwifery but they will also have the ability to use their own practice's data in a multitude of ways. Think about the value of that information when talking to insurers, legislators, regulators, and the mothers you serve.

Exciting, Important, and Ambitious!

"The AABC PDR is one of the most exciting, important, and ambitious projects that the AABC has ever undertaken! The ability to have an ongoing collection of comprehensive data on birth center care and outcomes is invaluable to AABC in its role of promoting birth centers as part of the solution to the problems facing maternity care today."

-Susan Stapleton