• Identify your federal Congress people - not sure who they are? Go to opencongress.org, enter your zip code and voila!
  • Click on a Congress member's name and you will be taken to his/her page.
  • On the right side of the page, you will be able to choose either a contact webform, email or fax to send this message.
  • Please do not send printed or hand written letters. The mail in Washington, DC is terribly slow.
  • Cut and paste the text you are sending into your preferred method of delivery and send it along.
  • Find your state legislators by going into your favorite search engine and searching for <state name> and legislator.
  • Keep these names and numbers handy for future reference.
  • Don't forget to tell Karen Fennell, our lobbyist, who you contacted so she can follow up! (fennell.karen.s@gmail.com or call 301.830.3910)

An Empowering Birth Experience

"In looking for an alternative to the high technological obstetric deliveries, most women desire to have an empowering birth experience which is gentle and loving, as well as safe for their baby."

-Barbara Harper, RN