American Association of Birth Centers

Planning an Open House for Your Legislators

Who to Invite

Birth Center Open House

1. Representatives and Senators

  • CALL your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative at their local offices. 
    Find your Senators and their contact information.
    Find your Representative and his/her contact information.
  • Ask for the scheduling secretary.
  • Invite your legislators to your center. Tell them that the press has been invited.
  • If your legislator is unable to attend, invite his/her health aide.

2. BC Medical Director and Collaborating Physicians

3. Birth Center Families

4. The Press

Getting Press Coverage for Your Event

1. Send a press release

2. Contact your local media outlets.

  • Use your contacts at the local papers, tv stations, etc.

3. Follow-up

  • Send photos and press release afterwards if no press could make it.

Materials for the Open House

Prepare Folders to give to your legislators

Talking Points

1.  Talk about your birth center.

  • Discuss the impact your birth center has on improving the health of your community.

2. Explain why it is important that they fight for birth centers.  


1. Send thank you notes to your attendees

2.  Report on your Open House to AABC's Lobbyist - Karen Fennell

  • Call or email Karen Fennell with information on the visit so that she can follow-up. Tel: 301-830-3910, email:

3. Send photos, press release, etc. to AABC for inclusion on the website and/or newsletter.

Evoke Change

"We believed in the ability of responsive community-based comprehensive maternity care to evoke change in the health habits of families."

-Ruth Watson Lubic, CNM, EdD