When it comes to advocating for an important cause, an individual can be very powerful. As one person, you can share your message to many others who will then, in turn, share the message to so many more. 

Find creative ways to tell your friends about contacting their legislators.  Use Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites to tell friends and relatives about why you think birth centers are important.

If you have a personal story about birth centers, share it! Stories are one of the best and most memorable ways to show your support.

No matter how you decide to tell your friends, remember that as just one person, you can help change the birthing experience for all women and families.

Get started today by sharing with your online friends and family members! Use the Share button in the "Stay Connected" bar at the bottom of the page to share AABC on your favorite social media sites.

Be a David in a World of Goliaths

"I congratulate the AABC board and leadership for the proactive stance which has been adopted. The trick will be to firmly establish ourselves as effective Davids in a world which is more and more one belonging to Goliaths."

-Ruth Watson Lubic, CNM, EdD