AABC offers it's members:

  • A major Internet presence through it's comprehensive website
  • National resource center for birth center information
  • Consultation services on birth center development
  • A national forum for birth center issues
  • Birth Center List Serve for Established and Developing Birth Center members
  • Membership newsletter (AABC News)
  • Membership directory - available in both print format and on-line
  • Member-only email discussion lists
  • An annual convention
  • Workshops on starting a birth center
  • Continuing education credit opportunities at AABC conferences
  • Ongoing national research on birth center care
  • Promotion of quality assurance systems and services for birth centers
  • Nationally recognized standards for birth center care
  • Consultation and support services in preparing for national CABC birth center accreditation
  • Promotion of reimbursement of facility and professional fees to birth centers
  • Marketing resources and materials
  • Networking opportunities for birth center professionals
  • Member discounts on medical malpractice insurance.
  • Member discounts on AABC 's comprehensive birth center manuals, publications, workshops, convention, and other conferences
  • PLUS, member-only services on the AABC website including: 
  • Free listing for AABC member birth centers in the most comprehensive directory of birth centers on the web. 
  • Marketing Toolkits and BC Administrator Toolkits provide BC Members with documents and templates needed to run your birth center.
  • Professional Enrichment Center - This members-only part of the AABC Learning Center - will give birth center professionals the opportunity to enhance their knowledge based on timely topics and concerns.

Members are talking

"As a Developing Birth Center and now as an Established Birth Center, AABC has played a key role in connecting us to the birth center community.  We are part of the Sister Center program, and have called on the expertise of both our sister birth center and the AABC staff when we’ve had questions.  We are grateful to AABC for the many roles they play, from community-building to the implementation and dissemination of birth center research."