Administrative Sessions

How to Be in Business Today and Sleep at Night

In this presentation, innovative strategies will be discussed to address the unique issues faced by business owners today.  Nate Sachs will show business owners how to protect themselves, their family and their company by focusing on the design and implementation of a proper exit and/or succession plan.  This is done by creating contingency instructions in the event of the death or disability of the business owner, growing and systemizing the business and improving cash flow.  There will also be a focus on attracting, retaining and maximizing the management team and key employees.  Business owners will also leave with answers to the what-ifs that keep them awake at night.  What if I don’t want to do this any longer?  What if something happens to me?  What if I lose a key employee?  What if I do not improve cash flow? This session will also offer two case studies from birth center owners that have recently gone through this process.

Show Me the Money: Billing Scenarios and Solutions

This panel presentation will feature three different perspectives on current billing issues, including ICD-10. Panelists include in-house biller Tammi Burk, of Special Beginnings Birth Center,  Marnie Cabezas-Skorupa of Midwife’s Billing Service, and Kashuna Hopkins of Favored Medical Billing.

Staffing Strategies for Birth Assistants and Nurses

This panel presentation will discuss various staffing models for nurses and birth assistants from various birth center models including CNM and CPM birth centers as well as open and closed staff models. Panelists include: Deb Alessandro, RN; Cheryl Bradshaw BSN, RN, IBCLC;  Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LN, LM, CPM; Paula Pelletier Butler, MSM, LM; and Tina Tsiakalis, LM, CPM.

Best Practices for Payer Contracting: A Road Map for Successful Negotiations

If you’re feeling lost on the road of payer contracting, this session will provide you with a map to get you to your destination: Learn about the nuts and bolts of the contract and the importance of regular negotiations; to be in-network or out-of-network and why this really matters; concrete strategies to help you get paid - including deputizing your birth centers families to help. This session is brought to you by the Industry Relations Committee.

Effecting Change in Your State at the Legislative and Policy Level

This session is sponsored by the Legislative Committee and will feature speakers from four states and their travels through, around, under and above state regulations. Learn how birth center nurse-midwives  Abigail Eaves and Melanie Yanke were instrumental in achieving state licensure for birth centers in New Mexico.  Learn how nurse Ann Sober succeeded in improving Medicaid reimbursement for birth centers.  Sarah Davis will discuss how the California Association of Midwives successfully removed physician supervision for licensed midwives and integrated licensed midwives into MediCal (the California State Medicaid system).  Nurse-Midwife Mary Carol Akers will share how she appealed and won her Certificate of Need (CON) ruling, overturning the CON process for birth centers in Kentucky.  

Budgeting for Growth

Presented by two birth center business directors - Brianna Honea from Women’s Birth & Wellness Center and Steven Hall from Babymoon Inn, this session will offer participants tangible help in how you can save money to grow your business.


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