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American Association of Birth Centers

October 7, 2016

Dear AABC Member,

As a membership organization, AABC Board of Directors works hard to ensure your concerns are heard and addressed in strategic discussions and decisions.

At the AABC Birth Institute in September, an Open Forum was held as an opportunity for members to share any concerns they had with the Board. The concerns raised by members revolved around the AABC Standards allowing in-hospital spaces to be AABC members and to seek CABC accreditation. Many AABC members are concerned the accreditation of in-hospital space as a birth center will have an impact on freestanding birth centers in their states.
At the AABC Board meeting directly following the Birth Institute, the AABC Board of Directors reviewed the concerns raised by members at the Open Forum. To ensure all AABC members have the opportunity to share their thoughts about this important issue, the AABC Board is preparing an informational summary to provide all members with the pros and cons of the issue and will be sending each member a survey to complete. This is an opportunity for all members to share their opinions so AABC knows how to best proceed.

This is a transformational discussion for AABC and one that we want to take with care, member input, research and forethought. It is our desire that AABC emerges a stronger association that will carry birth centers into the future.


Leseley Rathbun, MSN, CNM, FNP - AABC President
Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LN, LM, CPM - AABC President-Elect

American Association of Birth Centers
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