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Basics of Billing

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In this webinar, Jesica Dolin, BSM, CPM, will address common questions about billing for birth center services. Designed for beginners, it will introduce you to classification lists such as CPT and ICD, common codes for midwifery care, and billing for your facility and ancillary services. A solid foundation of knowledge on billing will improve the likelihood of your claims being paid and the rates at which you are reimbursed.

About the Presenters

Gail Tully

Jesica Dolin, BSM, CPM
Jesica Dolin has been a midwife in Oregon for over a decade. During that time she has attended over 600 births and has taught in-person continuing education workshops in seven states. At this time, she no longer attends births and is turning her focus towards education and support of her sister midwives.

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