American Association of Birth Centers

Birth Center Accreditation


The Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) is the only accrediting body whose goal is unique to birth centers. Other accrediting organizations review a variety of health care facilities.

When a center is accredited by the CABC, the childbearing family can be confident that the center has demonstrated adherence to standards of quality above that of basic licensure and that the center's care is consistent with the philosophy of the American Association of Birth Centers. Look for the CABC seal of accreditation

Accreditation is seen as a symbol of excellence to not only the consumer but to insurers as well. Many insurers currently require accreditation for reimbursement, and the trend among managed care providers is also to look for accreditation. Some states have acknowledged the value of accreditation by accepting accreditation in lieu of a visit by the state for state licensure.

The CABC is the only birth center accrediting body whose site visitors are specifically trained to perform a visit in a birth center and whose review panels have first-hand knowledge of the philosophy, purpose,  and operation of birth centers.

The CABC is dedicated to the promotion of quality care through a rigorous process of evaluation and accreditation.

Visit the CABC website to learn more.

Benefits of Accreditation

"The CABC accreditation process forced us to update all of our written information and institute new policies and procedures which were beneficial to both our home and birth center services."

-Marsha Jackson, CNM, MSN