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Spiritual Aspects of Birth - The Role of the

Spiritual Midwife 

The specific role, duties and involvement of the spiritual midwife is by mutual agreement between the birthing family and spiritual midwife and each assignment is specifically tailored to the needs of the family. The roles defined below are usually offered in a typical Birth Support Package. Each family picks and chooses the roles a spiritual midwife will play according to their needs. A spiritual midwife serves the birthing family on the phone, in private consultation, in the classroom, in the doctor's office, in the hospital, at home or at the free standing birth center.



  • Counsels the birthing woman and her family regarding goals for having a baby and a family.
  • Helps the woman and her family recognize the vibration and energy levels of the baby being.
  • Teaches the woman and her family how to create strong spiritual relationships within the family.
  • Helps the woman and her family identify parent/child/adult roles and establish guidelines for forming successful values and standards. 


  • Continues working with the mother and her family to strengthen communication spirit to spirit with the baby.
  • Counsels the mother and her family on the birth plan. A spiritual midwife helps answer the questions: What do I want to see happen during my pregnancy, labor and birth? How do I create my birth? She helps her visualize, ground and write out a plan in as much detail as possible.
  • Becomes your birth buddy.
  • Offers spiritual counseling in the form of intuitive readings looking at the spirit of the baby in relationship to family agreements. Readings can include but are not limited to past lives and spiritual gifts the baby being brings. Birth mother and adopted family readings are also available.
  • Offers spiritual healings, hands on healings and divine healing referral services.
  • Acts as a referral resource for childbirth education classes and other essential educational services.
  • Works in close communication, consultation, and counseling with midwives, nurses, birth attendants and doctors upon request and according to the birth plan.


  • Traditionally meditates during this time and helps to maintain the color vibration, which is in agreement with the birth plan. The Spiritual Midwife attends to the spiritual needs of the family as directed in present time or by the birth plan, and sets the energy at clear, no effort spirit to spirit communication.
  • Can be available to communicate the energy of spirit and give counsel and divine healing from inside or outside of the birthing room. After the birth, the spiritual midwife:
  • Welcomes the baby into its body; she assists the family in saying hello to the spirit within its newly born body; she helps the baby establish spiritual ownership; she assists in ritual and celebration; she co-creates pampering and nourishing the birth mother--all according to the birth plan.
  • Offers spiritual counsel and healings during the first six weeks postpartum, assisting the new mom and her family in adjusting and owning the miracle they created. 



A birth buddy is a specific role of the spiritual midwife. A birth buddy can also be an apprentice of the spiritual midwife.

  • She can accompany the woman throughout the birthing process from before conception to after the birth.
  • She is a neutral ear, someone the birth mother can rely on to express her concerns, who has a passion for listening to the life experiences of a pregnant woman.
  • She can act as a liaison between the birthing facility and the mother's support team upon request and according to the birth plan. The Birth Buddy is the mother's advocate.



The male spiritual midwife plays a unique role in the life of the pregnant family.

  • He helps the father maintain his own special male vibration in the midst of high birth energy.
  • He offers the father and other male members of the family spiritual counsel and healing.
  • He helps the father define his communication with the spirit of his unborn and then born baby.
  • He can be available from before conception to after the birth.

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