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Expectant Parents Learning Center

Spiritual Aspects of Birth - A Spiritual Birth 

By Janice Siebert

I had a spiritual birth. It was part of my well-birthing plan. Integrated in my childbirth education were spiritual classes. I learned energy management tools to use during pregnancy, childbirth and in raising my family. I learned how to communicate with the spirit of my baby. I learned to cyclically protect myself from other's energy invading my space and most importantly, I learned how to ground and let go. During one of the classes, we watched childbirth films. The teacher had us ask ourselves what we feared most after seeing these births. My answer was pain. The teacher laughed and said, "Good one." She then proceeded to teach us how to release other people's pain that we had somehow absorbed and were unknowingly holding in our bodies. Your own pain can be a natural force that flows through you, clearing a way for the baby, she said. Your own pain is never more than you can handle. Several weeks later when my water broke, I went through my house lighting candles, creating and inviting space for me and my baby. I sat down and used the energy tools I had learned. I felt very safe, experiencing no fear. As I sat and grounded, I experienced a tremendous release, a continuous releasing that connected me to the center of the mother earth like nothing I had ever felt before. Was I ever clearing away foreign energy out of my body! Labor progressed with my spiritual midwives assisting with the energy and my certified nurse-midwives assisting me physically. At one point, the certified nurse-midwife told me that I was fully dilated, but one part of my cervix was flopping down and I shouldn't push yet. Well, since I really, really wanted to push, I decided to do something to get that floppy cervix in the correct position. I asked the certified nurse- midwife to tell me (as if my cervix were a clock) where on the face of the clock was it floppy? She said between 10:00 and 1:00 o'clock. Great. I then imagined a grounding cord on the face of the clock, my cervix, and directed any stop energy to release. Check again, I said, to the certified nurse-midwife. She did and my cervix was open and ready to go. She was happily surprised! Twenty minutes later, my wonderful daughter, Jessica, was born. I went to take a shower a little too soon and fainted into my husband's arms. When I awoke, the certified nurse-midwife asked me if I wanted to hold my baby. The concern was about bonding. At the time, Jessica was being held by one of my dearest friends, one of the spiritual midwives. Jessica told me she was fine and that our bonding had already happened, not to worry because she was visiting all of her welcoming friends. Now, 11 years later, Jessica and I are very close and she continues to form strong, close relationships with people of all ages. I learned how to manage energy from my spiritual midwives. This made me feel empowered and certain that I could manifest my birth plan as I pictured it.

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