Dear AABC Members,

This is an ever-changing time in our world and for our birth centers. All of our lives have been disrupted, which has created an atmosphere of anxiety and fear. The responsibilities we shoulder in our personal and professional lives weigh even more heavily on us at times like this, and uncertainty is difficult.

We hear the concern and uncertainty you may be feeling about the coronavirus (COVID-19). One of the most important things you can do right now is to stay informed from trusted resources. Our goal is to help you have the information you need to run your birth centers as safely and efficiently as possible and to assure you, as your national organization, we are here to help you through this pandemic. (See AABC Toolkit - COVID-19)

At AABC we are focused on three things: first supporting our members through this uncertain time with helpful resources and information, secondly providing information to places such as media, states and legislators, and thirdly continue operating as an organization so when COVID-19 passes we are already operating at capacity and able to move forward with confidence.

We are drawing from the valuable experience of the AABC staff, the Board of Directors, AABC members and volunteers to help make this happen. We know your time is valuable. Enclosed is information I have gathered for you to use as resources as you are making changes in your birth center practice. This is an ever-evolving situation and we will continue to add information and resources as they become available or are generated.

Also, it is important to remember, as an AABC member, you are part of a larger community of support. Utilize the member forums to connect with your fellow members, ask questions, share information and check-in on each other. I know I have especially appreciated the virtual support over the past two weeks.

As I talk with many of you, I am hearing an increase in the number of calls you are receiving about birthing persons wanting to transfer their care to freestanding birth centers. I am hearing birth centers and hospitals are collaborating to preemptively work on how to work together in the event hospitals become overwhelmed. AABC is being contacted by media and other outlets and myself and others are doing interviews about women seeking care at freestanding birth centers.

While there is much uncertainty, the one thing I am certain of is this is a time of positive change and the beginning of a paradigm shift for freestanding birth centers in this country. I know many have been working tirelessly for years for freestanding birth centers and working to redefine maternity care in the U.S. I believe this is the moment a spark will take fire and shine a spotlight on our model of care and be the catalyst to grow birth centers in the US.
Hold strong!


Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LN, LM, CPM
AABC President

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