AABC News Brief - MAY 12 2023

Posted By: Kate Bauer AABC News Brief,


Full Integration of Midwives to Reduce Health Disparities

How Expanding the Role of Midwives in U.S. Health Care Could Help Address the Maternal Health Crisis

P. Mimi Niles, Laurie Zephyrin

This new Commonwealth Fund issue brief discusses how midwives, fully integrated in the healthcare system, could reduce perinatal health disparities and help address provider workforce shortages. The authors examine the unmet demand for midwives and barriers to access such as legislation and regulations restricting autonomous practice, lack of federal funding for education and training, and inequitable Medicaid reimbursement rates all limit broad access to midwifery care.

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How to Get the Most Value from AABC Membership

Webinar Wednesday - May 24th at 12:00PM ET

Whether you're new to AABC or you've been with us for years, this Member Benefits Tour is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the many resources available to AABC members. These benefits include toolkits, office hours, career center, scholarships, affinity circles, webinars, courses, the Perinatal Data Registry (PDR) and more! 

This webinar is free and open to all.

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Payment Equality Focus of IRC Office Hours

Join us on May 17th at 12:00PM ET

In May, join Industry Relations Committee members Rebeckah Orton, Laura Wiegand, and Cynthia Flynn for a discussion focused on efforts for birth centers to be paid like the hospitals. IRC leaders will share their experiences on using the free price data available from Turquoise Health, and what's coming from AABC.  Bring your challenges and questions. We will brainstorm solutions together.

AABC membership is required for IRC Office Hours. Registration is free and open to all AABC members.

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