AABC News Brief - NOV 04 2022

Posted By: Kate Bauer AABC News Brief,

1. Make Your Vote Count

Tuesday (November 8th) is Election Day. Do you have a plan to vote? If you're voting in person, do you know where your polling place is? If you're voting by mail, have you returned your ballot?

In the 2022 elections, all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the U.S. Senate will be decided.  Plus, there are elections for state legislative offices and governors.

AABC does not support political campaigns, but we do advocate for civic engagement with elected leaders. No matter your political preferences, it is critical that we all participate to ensure our voices are heard.

Learn more about how to vote in your state at vote.org>>

2. New AABC Website Coming This Month

For a good part of this year, AABC has been working on the development of a new website that will feature an improved user experience with greater ease of navigation, membership management and purchasing. It will feature an integrated online learning center, and robust member community.

We anticipate a launch of the new website in mid-November. After which, we will invite all of our members and subscribers to come check it out and update your profile and communication preferences. 

Until then, please continue to use all of our online resources at BirthCenters.org.

Visit BirthCenters.org>>

3. Advocating for NRP in the Community Birth Setting

NRP Instructor Huddle
Tuesday, November 8th at 7:00PM ET

Are you an NRP instructor who teaches in the community birth setting (birth center or home birth)? The AABC Birth Center Focused NRP faculty would like to talk with you about your experiences. Are you struggling with the NRP requirements for new instructors? What are your goals, your triumphs, and your hurdles as you attempt to integrate NRP and community birth in the best ways possible?

AABC is collaborating with other professional organizations to advocate for NRP in a community birth setting to the NRP steering committee. Leading this effort are AABC Birth Center Focused NRP instructors Olga Ryan and Julie Moon. On November 8th, they will host an NRP Instructor Huddle to gain a better idea of what other instructors are navigating as we move forward with this. Register to attend this informal discussion to continue working together to guard the safety of babies born in our care.

Learn more and register for NRP Instructor Huddle>>