AABC News Brief - DEC 09 2022

Posted By: Kate Bauer AABC News Brief,

1. New Research: Birth Centers a Pathway to Health Equity

Strong Start Innovation: Equitable Outcomes Across Public and Privately Insured Clients Receiving Birth Center Care 
Diana Jolles, Lauren Hoehn-Velasco, Lisa Ross, Susan Stapleton, Jennie Joseph, Jill Alliman, Kate Bauer, Ebony Marcelle, and Jennifer Wright

New research published online today in The Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health evaluated the birth center model's potential for decreasing poverty-related health disparities among childbearing families.  

Researchers found that after controlling for medical risk factors, Strong Start Medicaid beneficiaries achieved similar outcomes to privately insured consumers with no significant differences in maternal or newborn outcomes between groups. They concluded that the midwifery-led birth center model of care complemented by peer counselors demonstrated a pathway to achieve health equity.

Open access to this journal article was made possible by a research grant from the AABC Foundation.

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2. Gaining Support for Your Alongside Midwifery Unit

Webinar Wednesday "Understanding Our Past to Build an Equitable Future: Our Path to an AMU"
December 14th at 1:00PM ET

This presentation explores how the midwives successfully gained the unanimous support of key stakeholders for a proposed Alongside Midwifery Unit (AMU) as part of a hospital redesign at Women and Infants Hospital. The AMU addresses system-level change, protected space for physiologic birth, and disparities in outcomes and experience of care. The AMU would be the first CABC-credentialed facility in Rhode Island and hopefully offer interdisciplinary teaching opportunities in physiologic birth.

Webinar Wednesday is a FREE benefit of AABC Membership. Guests may attend for a fee. Registration is required.

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3. Mindful Financial Living Series Continues

HEY SIS: Mindful Financial Living - Healing, Earning, and Yielding Through Saving, Investing and Spending 
Next Session: Tuesday, December 20th at 1:00PM ET

AABC is pleased to offer members the six-part series “HEY SIS: Mindful Financial Living - Healing, Earning, and Yielding through Saving, Investing, and Spending" taught by Dr Sabrina Wood, DHA, MBA of Compassionate Strategies. This is a Munch + Learn Series because depending on your time zone, you may be taking a break for lunch, brunch or breakfast.

The Munch + Learn Series began this summer and runs monthly through January.  Members can register at any point during the series.

As an entrepreneur, Sabrina has learned first-hand that we tend to pour more into our business and clients than we do ourselves. This course is designed to support members’ personal needs and allow them to nurture themselves with a moment of self-care. Each month participants explore one of the six components of financial empowerment: healing, earning, yielding, saving, investing, and spending.

AABC is pleased to provide this to members as a benefit of membership.

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