It is AABC's goal to give all women and their families the opportunity to access quality and cost-effective care. AABC is the only national organization devoted solely to representing birth centers and mothers who choose out-of-hospital births in birth centers.  Legislation plays an extremely integral role in this goal, and it is for that reason that all those in support of birth centers and their missions should advocate for change.  

The strength of our democracy depends on the people getting involved and engaging the government. By working with legislators at the state and federal levels, you can encourage the passing of important legislation and make AABC's goal a reality.

Feel free to utilize the guides on this website to help you and those you know contact legislators and make birth centers available to all women. 

For more information, contact:

Jill Alliman, MSN, CNM
Chair of the AABC Legislative Committee
(423) 337-2466


Karen S. Fennell, MS, RN
(301) 830-3910

Politics is...

"Politics is what we create by what we do, what we hope for, and what we dare to imagine."  

-Senator Paul Wellstone (1944-2002)