How to Start a Birth Center Workshops

Have you thought about starting a birth center but don't know where to start? You're not alone. Attend one of AABC’s How to Start a Birth Center workshops to learn everything you need to consider when starting an evidence-based practice in the wellness model of care. 

Taught by leaders in the birth center industry, the AABC How to Start a Birth Center workshops are interactive and informative. They address the many issues you need to consider when exploring the development of a birth center including:

  • birth center operations
  • financial management
  • budgeting
  • community assessment
  • marketing
  • next steps.

Each registration includes a comprehensive digital library of tools and resources to help you through the development process.

The How to Start a Birth Center Workshops are offered in three formats: online, in-person, and customized. Which workshop is right for you? Both the in-person and online workshops provide the same content, faculty and materials, and the registration fees are the same too. Let’s look at the features of each format:


  • Work through the course at your own pace. Once you register, you have 12 weeks to complete the coursework.
  • Includes a video tour of an accredited birth center and case studies from two others.
  • Taught by four faculty with narrated presentations. "Office hours” are offered to provide an opportunity for questions and discussion.


  • Offered in various cities with a nearby CABC-accredited birth center.
  • Takes place over 2 full days at a hotel conference center.
  • Includes a tour of a local accredited birth center. Participants can interact with the birth center staff.
  • Taught by two faculty with opportunity for direct discussion during the workshop.
  • 2024 Date + Location
    • November 6 & 7, 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota (immediately precedes the AABC Birth Institute)

Customized On-Site

  • Convenient - we bring the workshop to you.

  • Curriculum - customized to meet your needs.