Skills Assessment Faculty

Become an approved instructor to administer the in-person skills check for students of the AABC Community Birth Assistant (CBA) training program. Qualified participants will review the CBA course curriculum, components of the final skills assessment for students and how to assess a student's competency. Once trained and approved, skills assessment instructors will receive $150 for every student they assess. This is a great option for birth centers that plan to enroll their birth assistants in the AABC Community Birth Assistant Training.

To become an approved instructor, an individual must be a licensed midwife, RN, or experienced birth assistant with experience at a CABC-accredited birth center (preferred). Eligible participants must also be AABC members who have attended at least 100 births. For more information on this training or the AABC Community Birth Assistant Training, contact Lori at 215.234.8068 or by email.