Hear from Past Attendees

"Outstanding! One of the best workshops I have ever been to."
"The workshop gave me a better understanding of the place of birth centers in the continuum of health care. It helped me rethink the birth process and how, as a CNM, I was promoting the family and bonding. Labor and birth is a transition in a woman's and family's life, and we have a great responsibility to facilitate (not hinder) this life-changing process."
"The workshop was great - the faculty was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Fabulous!! I would recommend this for anyone who is considering starting a birth center."
"I really enjoyed the thoroughness in how the information and materials were presented. I believe I have a more realistic view of the challenges of opening and sustaining a birth center. Thank you for giving us not only the confidence but the framework on how to make a birth center happen."
"Well-organized and practical, yet inspiring, presentation on birth centers."
"Extensive information on starting a birth center. A very positive experience. The faculty was incredible!"