AABC Birth Center Focused Midwifery Led Resuscitation Provider Training

For years, birth centers have struggled to obtain quality Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Provider training, and when they've been able to obtain it, the training has usually been hospital-based. Preliminary PDR™ and MANAStats data, as well as CABC Sentinel Event trends show that neonatal resuscitation skills are an area that need to be addressed in birth centers across the nation. These data sets illustrate that birth center staff need to become more familiar with NRP skills and equipment.

birth center staff practicing NRP skills

About the Program

The Midwifery Led Resuscitation Training is offered in collaboration with Midwives Untethered instructors Julie Moon and Olga Ryan. This course is based on the belief that all midwives and birth assistants deserve to have thorough training that gives them muscle memory and confidence. We support the philosophy that community-based providers should have access to the full NRP algorithm and be able to employ it at the birth of every baby if needed.

This all-day course features skills stations that focus on repeated practice of initial steps, ventilation, and compressions until muscle memory is well-developed for these skills. All aspects of NRP will be covered in the skills stations, including use of bag-valve masks, T-piece resuscitators, LMA's, intubation, medications, and I/O and UVC placement. The instructors will also help your staff navigate introduction of T-piece resuscitators, I/O placement, and other possible new skills to your birth center, and practice all scenarios in ways you would be likely to encounter in out of hospital birth.

The time commitment for this course is different than others you may have taken. Our goal is for each learner to feel confident with both ventilation and the advanced skills, and we have found that this takes time to achieve. Instructors are available to discuss course content with birth centers to help them understand what we teach, and how it is different from courses they may have taken in the past.

At the end of the hands on course and required evaluations every learner will have access to their NRP eCard which is good for 2 years.