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Holistic Perinatal Care with Safe, Gentle and Supportive Herbs

Presented live 11.16.22

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Are you looking for positive, sustainable changes to your health toward healthy pregnancy and perinatal care, yet are struggling with reaching these goals? Not actualizing your fullest potential as a woman or resolving chronic hormonal imbalances can feel painful. Give yourself the gift of joining us for a group facilitation on holistic perinatal care with safe, gentle and supportive herbs to receive the supportive structure of a safe, compassionate circle to share, learn and grow together on the path toward actualizing optimal health. We'll discuss clinical hormone balancing herbs, nutrition, recipes, community resources and more with plenty of time for everyone to share and listen to each other in the group.

Panelist: Whitney Erwin, MSc, MEd, LMT

Affordable Health Care for Members

Presented live 5.18.22

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For the past two years, AABC has partnered with HealthShare Works to offer its members access to affordable health coverage. Come learn how this effective alternative to insurance can bring value to your birth center and employees. Plus, hear from members who are active participants in the program.

Panelists: Maurice Reigmann, Craig Miller, and Moira Tannenbaum, MSN, APRN, CNM, IBCLC

So You Want to Open a Birth Center?

Presented live 4.27.22

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Freestanding birth centers are seeing an increase in interest as childbearing families seek alternatives to delivering in the hospital. The American Association of Birth Centers (AABC), health systems, and national organizations are recommending expanding access to freestanding birth centers for low-risk women in response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Join AABC's How to Start a Birth Center faculty for this webinar specifically focused on opening a freestanding birth center.

Panelists: Brianna Bennett, MBA, Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LN, LM, CPM, and Aubre Tompkins, MSN, CNM

Opportunities for Birth Centers: Getting to Know the VA Community Care Network (VACCN)

Presented live 2.16.22

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This presentation will discuss the overview of VACCN including referral process, billing information and how to follow-up on issues. Panelists will discuss the VA Community Care Network including the overview of the program. Participants will also learn how to bill for the services, referral process, etc.  And the difference between VACCN and Tricare will be reviewed.

Panelists: Karen DiGiovanni, Rachel Beglan, and Olga Ryan, RN, MS-NL

Hormonal Physiology of Childbirth

Presented live 11.17.21

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This presentation will discuss the hormonal physiology of labor, birth, and early postpartum and its vital but often overlooked importance in birth outcomes. Topics include routine practices that disrupt the hormonal physiology, care that enables the hormonal physiology to unfold as nature intends, and the value of birth centers and midwifery care in enhancing the hormonal orchestration of labor, birth, early postpartum and breastfeeding.

Panelist: Judith Lothian, PhD, RN

NRP 8th Edition: What's New for Birth Centers?

Presented live 9.15.21

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Learn all about what’s new in the 8th edition of NRP. We will cover the differences between the Essentials and Advanced courses, look at the updated learning platform, and review updates in the algorithm. We will engage in a Q& A about the equipment and training we recommend and about our Birth Center Focused NRP program.

 Panelists: Julie Moon, MSN, CNM ad Olga Ryan, MS-NL, RN

A Birth Center's Guide to Becoming a National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Site

Presented live 6.9.21

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Are you interested in learning what it means to become a HRSA National Health Service Corp site? Representatives from HRSA will walk us through the ins and outs of site eligibility, the application process, and the many benefits of being an NHSC site, including recruiting, hiring, and retaining providers. You'll also hear directly from a birth center NHSC site about their experience and lessons learned in the process.

Panelists: Evan Krasomil and Kendra Wyatt

Facility Billing for Birth Centers

Presented live 3.31.2021

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When you bill for birth center facility services, are you using the correct codes or billing on the right form? Join AABC Industry Relations Committee (IRC) members Abigail Lanin Eaves and Brianna Bennett for an introduction to the newest IRC toolkit “Facility Coding for Birth Centers.” This webinar is a must for everyone who runs a birth center. Even if you already have contracts, come learn about this new tool to use for renegotiating your current contracts for uniformity and better reimbursement.

Panelists: Abigail Eaves, MSN, CNM and Brianna Bennett, MBA

Getting Payment Right: Unlocking High Value Care Through Appropriate Birth Center Reimbursement

Presented live on 2.24.21

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Interest in birth centers is growing rapidly among system stakeholders in response to evidence showing improved outcomes and reduced costs with birth center care. Enhancing access to birth center care is a strategy that could serve multiple policy aims, including addressing health disparities, providing primary maternity care access in maternity care "deserts," and reducing cesarean and preterm birth rates and costs at the population level. At the same time, there is confusion about how to establish fees and structure payments to drive appropriate use of birth centers. This webinar will summarize results of an in-depth analysis of the birth center payment system and present guidance to birth centers, payers/purchasers, and health systems to ensure equitable access to and financial viability of the birth center model.

Panelists: Amy Romano, MSN, MBA, CNM, Jennifer Moore, PhD, RN and Claudia Jennings

Licensing and Regulation of Birth Centers

Presented live 1.27.2021

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Regulatory complexity represents a potent barrier to entry for new birth centers and a substantial administrative strain on existing centers, and there is no evidence it enhances safety. States can remove structural barriers and address inequitable access to the birth center model of care by modernizing their birth center licensing regulations, or by introducing appropriate regulations where none exist. This webinar will cover best practices in birth center licensure and regulation and introduce AABC's new Model Regulations Toolkit, which provides draft regulatory language, fact sheets, and other implementation support.

Panelists: Amy Romano, MBA, MSN, CNM, FACNM;  Molly Harris, JD, MS; Charlotte Bennett; and Jill Alliman, DNP, APRN, CNM

Is Your Birth Center Laboratory CLIA Compliant? Introducing the CLIA Compliance Toolkit

Presented live 12.16.2020

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Point of care tests and microscopy are key to providing timely, accurate diagnosis as well as cost efficient care in the birth center setting. CLIA laboratory certification is required to provide such care, so birth centers must navigate the process of obtaining certification and complying with CLIA regulations. This presentation provides the key information birth center administrators and directors need to know to obtain certification and maintain continuous compliance with CLIA rules and best practices. A new toolkit will be introduced, featuring training modules for staff, quality assurance and quality control templates, compliance checklists and additional resources to support the success of every birth center lab.

Panelists: Amy Romano, MBA, MSN, CNM and Laura Thielke, MS, CNM

Finding the Right Fit: Hiring Midwives for Your Birth Center

Presented live on 10.21.20

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Finding midwives that align with the culture of your practice can be challenging, as many midwifery programs do not prepare students for the paradigm shift that is necessary to work well within the birth center setting. In this panel webinar, we explore hiring strategies for your birth center or alongside midwifery unit, models that require midwives to embrace normal, physiologic birth and align with the philosophies of clients who typically seek midwifery care in birth centers, including mutual trust, the client's right to autonomy, and evidence-based, shared decisionmaking. It's also important that prospective midwives understand the expectations on their time and the potential to assume multiple roles, which may vary greatly from the in-hospital setting. At the same time, birth centers can offer midwives more rewards, both personally and professionally, including the ability to provide more comprehensive care and a greater depth and richer interactions in their relationships with clients.

Panelists: Pamela Harmon, MSN, RNC-NIC, Belinda Hodder, DNP, RM, CNM and Diane Oretega, DNP, CNM

Coordination and Collaboration with EMS for Safe, Timely Transfers: Introducing the AABC EMS Toolkit

Presented live 9.9.20

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Emergency transport from a birth center to a hospital is rarely needed, but when emergencies do occur, swift and coordinated transport to a higher level of care is needed. Emergency medical services (EMS), therefore, play an important role in the overall safety of birth centers. This webinar shares best practices for engaging with local EMS services, including establishing effective collaboration, planning and running EMS drills, and more. The speakers also introduce a new toolkit of resources from AABC, designed to facilitate seamless emergency transport through active engagement and teamwork with EMS providers.

Panelists: Panelists: Amy Romano, MBA, MSN, CNM and Laura Thielke, MS, CNM

How Birth Centers Can Drive the Equity Conversation

Presented live 7.29.20

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In this interactive panel presentation, we explore the historical and economic context that has led to the lack of birth centers run by people of color as well as current obstacles that many birth center startups face. Each panelist presents on their own work to bring birth options to their communities and shares opportunities for all birth centers to address disparities in maternal and infant outcomes. Together, we can make this model more accessible for everyone who seeks midwifery care in birth centers.

Panelists: Trinisha Williams, MPH, CM, LCCE, LC, Ebony Marcelle, MS, CNM, Leseliey Welch, MPH, MBA

Introducing the AABC Risk Management + Sentinel Events Toolkit

Presented live 6.24.20

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In this webinar, you'll learn how to best use this new resource developed by a joint task force of the American Association of Birth Centers and the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. The toolkit was designed to provide birth centers with information and tools for prevention, management, and mitigation of sentinel events. You'll learn how to prepare for the unexpected, follow established protocols when the unexpected occurs, and how to learn and improve after a sentinel event. Resources include checklists, samples, policies, and drills, and how to conduct a root cause analysis, supporting staff, and handling media inquiries. We also share resources on risk management, including an orientation on the types of liability insurance available and tips for shopping for coverage.

Panelists: Dominic Cammarano, DO and Amy Johnson-Grass, ND, LN, LM, CPM

Strengthening Intermittent Auscultation in Birth Center Practice

Presented live 3.25.20

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Intermittent auscultation is the standard of care for fetal assessment in birth centers, but many midwives, nurses, and clinical team members have minimal formal training in auscultation skills, and national guidelines for performing and interpreting intermittent auscultation are inconsistent.  In this webinar, you'll learn how to strengthen the intermittent auscultation skills in the birth center setting using simulation-based training and continuous quality improvement methods.

Panelist: Amy Romano, MBA, MSN, CNM

Adding Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy to Your Birth Center Practice

Presented live 1.29.20

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Have you been curious about pelvic floor physical therapy and how you can incorporate it into your birth center? Join us for an informative session. We review anatomy and function of the pelvic floor muscles and how to identify medical diagnoses in a client's history that may signal pelvic floor dysfunction. We'll also help you identify when a birth center client may benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy based on presentation and results of current treatment.

Panelist: Melissa Sundberg, DPT