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Webinar - Getting Payment Right

Webinar - Getting Payment Right
Unlocking High Value Care Through Appropriate Birth Center Reimbursement

Interest in birth centers is growing rapidly among system stakeholders in response to evidence showing improved outcomes and reduced costs with birth center care. Enhancing access to birth center care is a strategy that could serve multiple policy aims, including addressing health disparities, providing primary maternity care access in maternity care "deserts," and reducing cesarean and preterm birth rates and costs at the population level. At the same time, there is confusion about how to establish fees and structure payments to drive appropriate use of birth centers. This webinar will summarize results of an in-depth analysis of the birth center payment system and present guidance to birth centers, payers/purchasers, and health systems to ensure equitable access to and financial viability of the birth center model.

Panelists: Amy Romano, MSN, MBA, CNM, Jennifer Moore, PhD, RN and Claudia Jennings

Presented live on 2.24.21

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