Host the Birth Center Focused NRP Provider Training

Bring the Course to Your Community

Host the AABC Birth Center Focused NRP Training in your birth center to train your staff and/or make the course available to other community providers.

Host Birth Center's Responsibilities

  • Designate a contact person to coordinate the course

  • Provide lodging for the lead instructor (could be in the birth center or with a staff member)

  • Provide ground transportation to/from the airport

  • Provide lunch for the instructor(s) the day of the workshop

  • Provide equipment for drills

    • O2 Tanks (Compressed air, if you have it)

    • Resuscitation equipment should be available for review

    • Towels/Baby Blankets

    • Supplies for simulation (birth kits, gloves, syringes, needles, saline)

  • A minimum of 8 registrants is required to hold the training - Max 10

    Host birth center will receive 1 complimentary registration

AABC's Responsibilities

  • Provide certified faculty to teach the course

  • Lead faculty will provide resuscitation equipment and dolls

  • Airfare for 1 lead faculty

  • Manage course registration

  • Online registration form and confirmations

  • Promotion to AABC community as requested

Learn More

Contact to learn more about hosting an AABC Birth Center Focused NRP Provider Training in your community.