Legislation Endorsed by AABC

BABIES Act (H.R 3337/S. 1716)

Will build off the Strong Start initiative by creating a demonstration payment program under Medicaid. The legislation provides guidance to develop a prospective payment system (PPS) that would reimburse Birth Centers for prenatal care, perinatal, and postpartum mother and infant care.

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Midwives for MOMS Act(H.R. 3352/S. 1697)

Will increase access to evidence-based and culturally congruent maternity care as provided by Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs), Certified Midwives (CMs), and Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) by establishing two new funding streams for midwifery education: one in the Title VII Health Professions Training Programs, and one in the Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs. Additionally, the bill will address the significant lack of diversity in the maternity care workforce by prioritizing students from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021 (H.R.959/S.346)

Builds on existing legislation to comprehensively address every dimension of the maternal health crisis in America. It includes the following:

  1. Social Determinants for Moms Act (H.R.943/S.851) - Will make critical investments in social determinants of health that influence maternal health outcomes, like housing, transportation, and nutrition.
  2. Kira Johnson Act (H.R.1212/S.1042) - Will provide funding to community-based organizations that are working to improve maternal health outcomes and promote equity.
  3. Protecting Moms Who Serve Act (H.R.958/S.796) - Will comprehensively study the unique maternal health risks facing pregnant and postpartum veterans and support VA maternity care coordination programs. Signed into law 11.30.21
  4. Perinatal Workforce Act (H.R.945/S.287) - Will grow and diversify the perinatal workforce to ensure that every mom in America receives culturally congruent maternity care and support.
  5. Data to Save Moms Act (H.R.925/S.347) - Will improve data collection processes and quality measures to better understand the causes of the maternal health crisis in the United States and inform solutions to address it.
  6. Moms Matter Act (H.R.909/S.484) - Will support moms with maternal mental health conditions and substance use disorders.
  7. Justice for Incarcerated Moms Act (H.R.948/S.341) - Will improve maternal health care and support for incarcerated moms.
  8. Tech to Save Moms Act (H.R.937/S.893) - Will invest in digital tools like telehealth to improve maternal health outcomes in underserved areas.
  9. IMPACT to Save Moms Act (H.R.950/S.334) - Will promote innovative payment models to incentivize high-quality maternity care and non-clinical perinatal support.
  10. Maternal Health Pandemic Response Act - Will invest in federal programs to address the unique risks for and effects of COVID-19 during and after pregnancy and to advance respectful maternity care in future public health emergencies.
  11. Protecting Moms and Babies Against Climate Change Act (H.R.957/S.423) - Will invest in community-based initiatives to reduce levels of and exposure to climate change-related risks for moms and babies.
  12. Maternal Vaccination Act (H.R. 951/S.345) - Will promote maternal vaccinations to protect the health and safety of moms and babies. Passed the House 11.30.21

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