Trauma-Informed Care

AABC has partnered with the Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs to offer members a valuable benefit - FREE lifetime access to two of their courses on trauma-informed care. The Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs specializes in creating educational programs about healing our earliest traumas, especially for mothers and babies.

Birth in Pieces: Healing Birth Trauma

What's wrong with birth in the USA? It's time to ask mothers. The film is the outcome of hours of interviews with mothers and their partners talking about their experiences with birth. This is a vital time of life that can set a human being on a trajectory for health or for neurodevelopmental challenges as a baby, child, and adult. We are interested in supporting families to heal so they can thrive. This series features professionals and their ways to support healing with birthing families and birth professionals. ($125 value)

The Impacts of Adverse Prenatal and Birth Events: A Transdisciplinary Approach

Professionals in the field of fetal medicine, birth, and prenatal and perinatal somatic psychology have identified a set of adverse experiences that can occur prenatally, during, or after birth. In this pioneering course, you will meet highly trained professionals and parents who want to share their passion with you around models of care, experiences, and wisdom around pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and more. Early adverse events create their own set of neurodevelopmental challenges. We can heal them, and we can also prevent them. ($150 value)

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