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Webinar - Finding the Right Fit - Hiring Midwives for Your Birth Center

Webinar - Finding the Right Fit - Hiring Midwives for Your Birth Center

Finding midwives that align with the culture of your practice can be challenging, as many midwifery programs do not prepare students for the paradigm shift that is necessary to work well within the birth center setting. In this panel webinar, we explore hiring strategies for your birth center or alongside midwifery unit, models that require midwives to embrace normal, physiologic birth and align with the philosophies of clients who typically seek midwifery care in birth centers, including mutual trust, the client's right to autonomy, and evidence-based, shared decisionmaking. It's also important that prospective midwives understand the expectations on their time and the potential to assume multiple roles, which may vary greatly from the in-hospital setting. At the same time, birth centers can offer midwives more rewards, both personally and professionally, including the ability to provide more comprehensive care and a greater depth and richer interactions in their relationships with clients.

Panelists: Pamela Harmon, MSN, RNC-NIC, Belinda Hodder, DNP, RM, CNM and Diane Oretega, DNP, CNM

Presented live on 10.21.20.

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