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Webinar - Putting Research in the Hands of Birth Center Staff

Webinar - Putting Research in the Hands of Birth Center Staff

Research is a familiar and valuable concept to midwives and birth centers. Not only are the care models evidence-based, but community birth advocates and clients are also used to having to do a little digging into where or how to find needed resources and services. Data reporting and program evaluation are not just for universities – birth centers and midwifery clinics are perfectly capable of conducting investigations that provide further insight into the beneficial impact of their care models and demonstrate this impact to funders and collaborators.

The purpose of this webinar is to review some basic concepts and strategies in conducting health research, including study design and ethics, with a particular focus on how birth centers can leverage their own data to inform and promote the services provided. Dr. Sanders will also present on her own research, which started as a quality assurance project in a freestanding birth center.

Panelist: Sarah Annalise Sanders, PhD, MPH

Presented live 4.19.23

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