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Webinar - Is Your Birth Center Laboratory CLIA Compliant?

Webinar - Is Your Birth Center Laboratory CLIA Compliant?

Point of care tests and microscopy are key to providing timely, accurate diagnosis as well as cost efficient care in the birth center setting. CLIA laboratory certification is required to provide such care, so birth centers must navigate the process of obtaining certification and complying with CLIA regulations. This presentation provides the key information birth center administrators and directors need to know to obtain certification and maintain continuous compliance with CLIA rules and best practices. A new toolkit will be introduced, featuring training modules for staff, quality assurance and quality control templates, compliance checklists and additional resources to support the success of every birth center lab.

Panelists: Amy Romano, MBA, MSN, CNM and Laura Thielke, MS, CNM

Presented live on 12.16.20

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