AABC Toolkit - Coordination + Collaboration with EMS for Safe, Timely Transfer

AABC Toolkit - Coordination + Collaboration with EMS for Safe, Timely Transfers

Emergency transport from a birth center to a hospital is rarely needed, with only about 2% of births requiring urgent transport of the birthing person or baby for serious or potentially serious complications.  However, when emergencies do occur in the birth center setting, swift and coordinated transport to a higher level of care is needed.  Emergency medical services (EMS), therefore, play an important role in the overall safety of birth centers.

Birth centers, their collaborating hospitals, and local EMS systems need tools to support effective, team-based care across the continuum from the birth suite to the appropriate hospital unit. This toolkit is designed to help facilitate safe and seamless emergency transport between facilities through active engagement and teamwork with EMS providers.

The toolkit includes:

  • Coordination and Collaboration with EMS for Safe, Timely Transfers: Introducing the Birth Center EMS Toolkit [Recorded webinar]
  • Birth Center and EMS Planning Meeting - Sample Agenda [Template]
  • Birth Center and EMS Planning Checklist [Checklist]
  • Birth Centers, Perinatal Emergencies, and the Role of EMS Responders [Downloadable PowerPoint template]
  • Birth Center Transfer and Transport: Optimal Practice for Safe and Satisfying Transitions of Care [Learning module]
  • EMS Drill Planning and Debriefing Guide [Document]
  • Emergency Phone List Template [Template]
  • 911 Script Template [Template]
  • "To-Go Bag" Supply List [Template]
  • Face Sheet Template [Template]
  • Transfer Summary Template and Communication Tool [Template]
  • SBAR Communication Tool [Handout/Lamination]
  • Tips for Communication with EMS [Article]
  • Washington State Smooth Transitions Quality Improvement Program [Website]
  • Alaska Birth Transfer Initiative [Website]

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