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2 Seats Remaining
2 Seats Remaining
Category: Midwifery Led Resuscitation Training

The AABC Birth Center Focused Midwifery Led Resusitation Training is based on the belief that all midwives and birth assistants deserve to have thorough training that gives them muscle-memory and confidence. We support the NRP philosophy of all learners doing all modules as beneficial to the team overall and to the family. 

This all-day course will feature skills stations that focus on repeated practice of initial steps, ventilation, and compressions until muscle memory is well-developed for these skills.  All aspects of NRP will be covered in the skills stations, including use of NeoTee (t-piece) resuscitators, CPAP administration, LMA placement, intraosseus IV access, and cord catheterization.  The instructors will also help your staff navigate introduction of T-piece resuscitators and other possible new skills to your birth center and practice all scenarios in ways you would be likely to encounter in out of hospital birth.  

Our goal is for each learner to feel confident with both ventilation and the advanced skills.  At the end of the hands-on course and required evaluations every learner will have access to their NRP eCard which is good for 2 years.  

Course fee: 
$200/per student for members & $250/per student for non-members (Does not include $45 NRP/AAP Exam Fee)(Minimum of 8 students and Maximum of 10/day)

Once AABC receives the list of participants - instructions will be emailed to detail the following requirements.

Student Requirement:
Step 1: 

Students are required to take the online portion of NRP 8th edition no earlier than 90 days before the hands-on portion. Exam fee ($45 paid to NRP/AAP) is in addition to the course fee as well as the 8th Edition NRP textbook.  Instructions will be emailed to each participant to register on the NRP Platform.

Host Birth Center shall provide the following:

  • Provide lodging for the lead instructor (two nights lodging)
  • Provide ground transportation to/from the airport
  • Provide lunch for the instructor(s) the day of the program
  • Provide the following equipment 
    • o2 Tanks (Compressed air, if you have it)
    • Resuscitation equipment should be available for review
    • Towels/Baby Blankets
    • Supplies for simulation (birth kits, gloves, syringes, needles, saline)

AABC will provide the following:

  • Julie Moon, Lead Instructor, ARNP, CNM, NRP Instructor M (AABC reserves the right to replace personnel with another qualified instructor)
  • Resuscitation equipment and dolls

2 Seats Remaining
2 Seats Remaining

Registration closes March 25, 2023

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