Webinar - The First Meal After Birth

Wednesday, August 23, 2023
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
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The First Meal After Birth 

Do you wish every family you served knew exactly what to feed a mother immediately after birth, and came prepared to do so?

Nourishing a mother immediately after birth is not something our society places much emphasis on. Shelley Rahim, founder of New Mother Caregiving LLC, learned this first hand after attending her first hospital birth as a doula in 2011. Her client labored for over 24 hours and hadn’t eaten in 18 hours. It was 2AM when she gave birth..and she was starving. The cafeteria was closed (not that that was a good option anyway) and the only other option was for her husband to leave the hospital and find something that was open. In this case it was a gas station. He came back with a pepperoni pizza and soda. The hungry mother gobbled it down exclaiming, “This was the best meal I’ve ever had!” Shelley was horrified. She knew there had to be a better way. 

This was a turning point in Shelley’s professional career. From that day forward she brought proper nourishment with her to every birth. Since then, Shelley has developed a post-birth meal plan and has fed hundreds of mothers deeply nourishing meals immediately after birth with astounding results. Shelley’s clients’ bodies recover from birth beautifully and their milk supplies are always abundant. 

Shelley shares her recipes and method for feeding mothers in her FREE Ebook, Post-Birth Recovery Meal Plan which has been downloaded by more than 22,000 people. That’s more than 22,000 mothers who were properly nourished after giving birth.

By attending this webinar you will have access to Shelley’s ebook, which you can share with your clients so, they too, can be empowered with nourishment that is nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest, delicious tasting, and made with love. Isn’t this how we want all our clients to begin their mothering journey? 

In this presentation with Shelley Rahim, founder of New Mother Caregiving, LLC, you will learn:

  • How proper nourishment immediately after birth supports postpartum healing

  • How the first meal after birth supports lactation

  • Which food and drinks to avoid immediately after birth

  • How the first meal after birth supports mental and emotional groundedness

  • How pregnancy and birth depletes mother’s bodies and how the first meal repletes lost nutrients

  • The Five Principles For Nourishing A Postpartum Mother 

  • 8 recipes Shelley feeds every mother immediately after birth, and why

  • How to educate your clients about postpartum nourishment

  • Everything your clients need to know to be nourished immediately after birth (including Shelley’s FREE ebook with recipes and methodology)


Shelley Rahim is a Birth Doula, Postpartum Caregiver, and Postpartum Chef with over 15 years of experience supporting mothers and families during the childbearing year. Shelley loves to share her knowledge, empowering families with the skills necessary to nourish and care for postpartum mothers. Her Instagram account @newmothercaregiving, ebooks, and upcoming online course provide easily accessible information anyone can use. Shelley is wildly passionate about changing the culture of postpartum care in America by dismantling toxic independence and normalizing loving care for every postpartum mother. She wholeheartedly believes that when postpartum mothers are nourished, loved, and cared for...families thrive.

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