North Carolina - Midwifery Director and Staff Midwife

Posted By: Kate Bauer Career Center,

Lilac Health Midwifery Group and Birth Center (Asheville, NC)

Date Needed: January, 2023
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Primary Category: Clinical 
Type of Position: Full-Time 
Salary and Benefits: TBD based on experience and geographic salary perimeters. Opportunity to participate in a bonus program.

Lilac Health is opening a new birth center in Asheville to be located in 4000 sq ft of pre-existing birth center space. The LH Midwifery Group is seeking to hire a full-time Midwifery Director and full time Staff CNM for a team of three midwives to share in-clinic and on-call coverage for the birth center only. Our ideal candidate(s) will be aligned with the Midwifery Model of Care, be familiar with nutritional, physical, and emotional needs for pregnancy, be an effective communicator, be able to work and thrive in a team environment, and be compassionate and comfortable with shared decision making. 

The Midwifery Director position includes direct clinical care, on-call coverage as well as overseeing day to day clinical operations, clinical staffing, practice and protocol education, accreditation and perinatal data registry statistics, and building relationships with community partners. The Midwifery Director would be responsible for the employment, training, and supervision of the licensed professional staff consisting of midwives, birth assistants, FNP, nurses, lactation consultants, sonographers and educators to ensure quality standard of care and regulatory compliance with CABC standards, policies and guidelines. Birth center experience is strongly preferred but all candidates with solid midwifery and leadership experience will be considered. 

Qualifications for Full-Time Midiwfery Director

  1. Currently CNM licensed and eligible to apply to practice in North Carolina

  2. At least 5 years of midwifery clinical experience and/or part time midwifery directorship

  3. At least 3 years of midwifery administrative experience preferred or related

  4. Demonstrates leadership abilities and positive approach to teamwork

  5. Independently motivated to make a positive impact

Qualifications for Full-Time or Part-Time Staff Midwife

  1. Currently CNM licensed and eligible to apply to practice in North Carolina

  2. Experience: 1-2 years in out of hospital birth or 2 yrs MW or RN L&D experience

  3. Has current certification or recent expiration of adult and infant BLS and NRP.

  4. Full time position includes 8-9 calls per 4 week block and 1-2 clinic days per week.  Benefits include continuing education reimbursement, 3 weeks vacation for 1st year, health insurance benefits.

Asheville is a delightful, beautiful and trendy place to live within a progressive community supporting families and alternative choice of birth centers. There is a demand in Asheville for a new birth center since in 2021 one closed due to the untimely passing of its founder. 

Lilac Health is a for-profit company opening birth centers in several states to offer the highest level of midwifery clinical care, while offering a sleek, modern consumer experience that is focused on providing comfort and convenience. In Asheville, the Midwifery Group will collaborate with an independent midwifery practice next door which will provide 24/7 in-hospital midwifery admission and programs for doula availability and mental health support.

To apply, please present your CV for consideration to Gazelle Lange, CNM, Interim Midwifery Director, Lilac Health Midwifery Group,