North Carolina - Birth Assistant

Posted By: Lisa Recke Career Center,

Minimum Qualifications:

• Currently licensed as an RN in the state of North Carolina, NARM CPM, or a certificate from a Birth Assistant training program that meets the standards of the CABC

• Minimum of one year of experience in maternal/child health, labor and delivery, and neonatal care. Previous experience in a birth center setting desirable.

• Current neonatal and adult CPR certification.

Supervisors: Birth Assistant Manager and Interim Clinical Director or Clinical Director

Job Classification: Category 1 - may have exposure to blood/infectious material.

Salary: $55,000 per year and benefits

Job Expectations:
• Dedicated to serving Lilac Health’s patients with a helpful, friendly and respectful attitude and with a "patient first" commitment. The Birth Assistant promotes the vision and mission of Lilac Health, especially by providing an atmosphere that honors the momentous event of childbirth, the right of the birthing person to make health care decisions for themselves and their baby, and the primacy of their family’s love and support.

• The Birth Assistant must be able to assist the midwife when unplanned events occur and urgent response is required. Must assist in communicating with hospital or other providers for escalation of care, assuring smooth transition of care from birth center to tertiary care (SBAR).

• Willing to work on tasks outside of this job description or department in order to accomplish goals of the practice.

• Respects fellow employees by treating them with courtesy.

To apply, please present your CV and Cover Letter for consideration