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Community Birth Assistant Training Program (2023)

Program Overview

This AABC program establishes a standard for quality birth assistants. Successful completion of the course ensures employers and birth center clients that the birth assistant has ample knowledge and training to assist with labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. It is comprehensive and robust, consisting of modules of presented content, demonstration videos, HIPAA and OSHA compliance training, and an in-person skills assessment. The program consists of :

  • 15 Modules of presented content
  • Skills and drills videos
  • HIPAA and OSHA compliance training
  • Proof of NRP and CPR certifications
  • Skills and drills assessment
Community Birth Assistant Training for Individual Learners

Individual professionals in this program are equipped to take their careers to the next level with guidance and support by AABC Faculty mentors and trainers. When the online course is complete and you are ready to have your skills assessed by the AABC skills faculty, you will be invoiced for $150 for the skills assessment.

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