Advocacy Alert - Support Federal Funding for Birth Centers and Midwives

Posted By: Kate Bauer AABC News Release,

AABC is partnering with NACPM and ACNM to request funding for midwifery education and birth center startups. The appropriations for next year are being voted on this week in the House.

Last week we asked members to call their House Representatives, now we are asking people to call their Senators.  The Senate appropriations for next year will be submitted in early April. 

Your 2 Senators need to a phone call from you to sign on in support of maternal health funding.

The three asks for maternal health budget appropriations include:

  1. Continue funding for midwifery education for CPM and CM scholarships

  2. Continue funding for nurse-midwife education and scholarships

  3. Set up a new set aside for birth center start up funding

Pregnant people and babies need more attention and better health care access in the U.S. We are failing our families, mothers, and babies with maternity care deserts, poor access to care, and poor health.

Call your 2 Senators TODAY and urge them to sign on in support of these proven solutions to improve maternal and infant health!