AABC News Brief - AUG 04 2023

Posted By: Kate Bauer AABC News Brief,

New Resource on Maternal Health

Women of Color, the Health Care System, and the Pregnancy Experience: A Key Insight Series from USOfCare’s Listening Series Work on Maternal Health

From their listening work, the United States of Care has created a series examining three overarching themes that are consistent with, and in some cases, go deeper into what others are hearing on maternal health:

  • Differential treatment, dismissal, and racism during pregnancy

  • Knowledge and experiences with midwives and doulas

  • Lack of postpartum support

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Deadline Extended for Award Nominations

Deadline Extended: AUGUST 10th

Do you know someone who deserves recognition for their work to advance birth centers? The AABC Achievement Awards are an excellent way to shine the national spotlight on these deserving individuals. You may want to nominate:

  • a professional birth center peer or collaborating physician,

  • a consumer who has contributed to the growth of birth centers in your community,

  • a writer who has given your birth center exceptional media coverage, or

  • a politician who has supported legislation to improve access to birth center care.

Now is your opportunity to give these birth center champions national recognition. The awards will be presented at the AABC Birth Institute in Tucson, Arizona (October 12-15, 2023)

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Bring Your Reimbursement Challenges

IRC Office Hours - August 16th at 12:00PM ET

Are you having difficulty getting in network with payors? Has contracting got you down? This month, join Industry Relations Committee members Erica Biesinger and Cynthia Flynn for an open Q+A session. Bring your challenges with getting sustainable reimbursement. We will brainstorm solutions together.

AABC membership is required for IRC Office Hours. Registration is free and open to all AABC members.

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